• What is the Pricing Model related to the ePaymaker Payment Enablement Solution?

    The Pricing Model will be outlined in our contact / payment enabler governing document which is provided by the Business Development Specialist who is involved in the processing of your application and the required integration.

  • Does ePaymaker work with a Startup / New Business?

    Yes! ePaymaker work with both US and overseas startup businesses. When applying, the principal owner(s) must provide personal financial documents in lieu of business financial documents.

  • What Types of Business do ePaymaker work with?

    ePaymaker works with all businesses across verticals, both in the US and overseas. To be accepted, businesses must be legal operating entities in good standing with their financial institution and the jurisdiction within which they are formed

  • How do I take advantage of the ePaymaker Payment Enablement Solution?

    Taking advantage of the ePaymaker Payment enablement solution is quite simple, to begin the process just engage the create account button which appear on our home page or use our contact form to send us a request. A Business Development Representative will contact you and provide you with the additional information that is required for you to complete your enrollment


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