• What is the Discount Rate / Pricing related to ePayMaker Merchant Accounts?

    The discount rate is the percentage of each transaction that the acquiring bank and processor charge for the transaction to be processed. This is determined based on the industry type, the previous payment processing history of the merchant/business owner, the credit rating of the merchant/business owner. The Discount Rate / Pricing Model will be outlined in our contact / payment processing governing document which is provided by the Business Development Specialist who is involved in the processing of your application.

  • Does ePaymaker work with a Startup / New Business?

    Yes! ePaymaker work with both US and overseas startup businesses. When applying, the principal owner(s) must provide personal bank statements in lieu of business bank statements.

  • What business type are considered by ePaymaker as high risk?

    The category of high risk with respect to payment processing includes any business in an industry with one or more of the following characteristics: (Businesses with irregular or very high-ticket sales, A business that does business in an industry/business vertical with a history of high chargebacks, A business in an industry/business vertical that large banks are unwilling to support, A business that does business in a highly regulated industry / business vertical , or A business that owned by a person with a low credit score, recent bankruptcy, or who is on what is called the MATCH list with respect payment processing organizations). Common high risk industries / business verticals include : ( Adult, Antique & Collectables, Apparel Sales, Auto Parts & Accessories, Businesses with Bad Credit, Beer, Wine & Liquor Sales, Binary Options, Bitcoin Merchants, Computer Hardware, Continuity, Free Trial, Membership, Credit Repair, Currency Exchange, Debt Collection, Debt Consolidation, Downloadable Software, E-commerce, Ecig / Vaping / Tobacco, Educational Software, Electronics Business, Electronic Cigarette, Financial Aid Consulting, Financial Services, Fine & Cosmetic Jewelry, Firearms & Ammo, Forex Trading, Furniture Sales, Insurance Providers, Magazine Subscriptions, Mobile App Software, Nutraceuticals, Pawn Shops & Pawnbrokers, Payday & Title Loans, Remote PC Tech Support, Pet Shops & Supply Stores, Self Storage Business, SEO / SEM / Web Design / Development).

  • What Types of Merchants do ePayMaker accept?

    ePayMaker accepts low, mid and high risk businesses, both in the US and overseas. To be accepted, businesses must be legal operating entity and in good standing with their bank and the jurisdiction within which they formed.

  • How long after applying will I be able to submit payments for processing?

    Once our underwriting department has approved your account, you’ll be able to accept payments within 24 - 48 hours.

  • How do I apply for a ePayMaker Merchant Account?

    Applying for a ePayMaker Merchant account is quite simple, to begin the process just engage the create account button which appear on our home page or use our contact form to send us a request. A Business Development Representative will contact you and provide you with the additional information that is required for you to complete your enrollment.


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